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Bravery in Challenging Times

You’re facing challenges and decisions you’ve never faced before. Whether you have a large or small
Board of Directors, additional Subject Matter Experts are proving an invaluable board resource to assist
businesses survive, grow and even take advantage of these challenging times.

You need to enlist the help of battle-hardened brains. People who have faced adversity and survived.

But where are they? Who are they? And can you afford them?

They’re here. It’s us. And, yes you can – as little or as much as you want.

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Areas of expertise

Technology & innovation

Deep technological expertise from top to bottom, and advice on bringing new technologies into your organisation.

Sales & marketing

Retain, build and attract customers, find incremental revenues, identify opportunities.

Business administration & finance

Cut costs without losing functionality, streamline processes, automate and enhance reporting and delivery.

Corporate governance & compliance

Manage and enthuse your team, allocate responsibilities and grow people through adversity, maintain compliance as strong as it needs to be and as light as it can be.

Investment & fundraising

Get into shape for a money raise from investors or the banks, without losing your shirt.

Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

The world is going more local, greener and more mutually supportive. Make people want to buy from you because of what you stand for.

Cybersecurity & Information Security

Ensure your cyber resilience is robust and information assets are kept compliant and secure.


Ensure your business is well protected and defended; manage landlords, contractual disputes, IP concerns, and HR issues around remote working.



  • Access for up to 3 of your directors or heads of department.
  • Access by telephone or voice call only.
  • Access to any 3 areas of expertise, changeable on a monthly basis.
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Everything in Essential
for ALL AREAS of expertise

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Deep, bespoke work by any means required for any area of expertise.

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Avril Millar at Board Resource was the only option I would consider to help with SQFT Capital and has been hugely beneficial in steering the business and success it has seen in early capital raises.
Tom Wolfe, CEO, Squarefoot Capital
Scott Simpson at Board Resource has impressed us with the scope and depth of his knowledge, and his approach to tackling the technically complex issues particularly pertaining to our business.
Paula James, Head of Digital Marketing, Genius Sports
Justin Megawarne’s advice on all matters technological has had an incalculable positive impact on our business, and I don’t think we could have asked for a better informed person to help us.
Rob Taylor, CEO, 4GD
The Board Resource team’s advice has been critical for guiding us through many challenges, from corporate governance to technology to cybersecurity and data protection.
Charalambos Psimolophitis, CEO, FxPro

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